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stop for a rest along the trail up Mount Katahdin in Maine, the iconic nort...
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Appalachian through-hiking the Appalachian Trail to hike the entire Appalac...
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A hiker on the Appalachian Trail.
America's 10 Best Long-Distance Hiking Trails - WorldAtlas

A brewery in Lexington, Virginia, is looking for a brand ambassador-cum-blo...
US brewery seeks 'chief hiking officer' to complete Appalach

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Appalachian Trail Backpacking & Rock Climbing - Outward Boun

Now, the couple just returned home from their longest hike ever, 142 days o...
Mason couple returns from 142-day hike on Appalachian Trail

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Karl Meltzer Appalachian Trail.
A 48-year-old shattered the Appalachian Trail record, and he

A 48-year-old just broke the speed record for the Appalachian Trail.
A 48-Year-Old Just Broke the Speed Record for the Appalachia

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The Appalachian Trail Turns 80! Thru-Hikers Share Tales of t

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The Appalachian Trail in Cumberland Valley - And Beyond!
The Appalachian Trail in Cumberland Valley - And Beyond!

11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Hiking the Appalachian Trail.
11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Hiking the Appalachian Tra

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Daredevils defy threats of fines to celebrate National Nude Hiking Day by p...
National Nude Hiking Day is celebrated in Colorado

From Georgia to Maine: What I learned on a 6-month hike along the Appalachi...
From Georgia to Maine: What I learned on a 6-month hike alon

M.J. Eberhart on Appalachian Trail.
Nimblewill Nomad,' 83, becomes oldest to trek Appalachian Tr

It’s been a couple days since I got off the trail and I had some great R&am...
2016 Appalachian Trail -

On a recent sunny day, hikers stood at an entry point on the Appalachian Tr...
Nature's Healing Power on Appalachian Trail